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Quark-Engine is a full-featured Android analysis framework written in Python for hunting threat intelligence inside the APK, DEX files. Since it is rule-based, you can use the ones built-in or customize as needed. With ideas decoded from criminal law, Quark-Engine has its unique angles for Android analysis. A Dalvik bytecode loader has been developed that has tainted analysis inside but also defeats the obfuscation techniques used against reverse engineering. And surprisingly, the loader matches perfectly the design of the malware scoring system. Quark-Engine is very easy to use and also provides flexible output formats. There are three types of output reports: detail report, call graph, and summary report. With these reports in mind, you can get an overview of the high-risk behavior inside Android within seconds. Also, by integrating with other Android analysis tools such as Ghidra, APKLAB, Jadx, Quark-Engine can greatly improve the efficiency of reverse engineers.

Installed size: 122 KB
How to install: sudo apt install quark-engine

  • androguard
  • python3
  • python3-click
  • python3-colorama
  • python3-graphviz
  • python3-prettytable
  • python3-requests
  • python3-tqdm
[email protected]:~# freshquark -h
[*] Download the latest rules from
[+] DONE: Complete downloading the latest quark-rules

[email protected]:~# quark --help

    ________                      __
    \_____  \  __ _______ _______|  | __
     /  / \  \|  |  \__  \_  __ \  |/ /
    /   \_/.  \  |  // __ \|  | \/    <
    \_____\ \_/____/(____  /__|  |__|_ \
           \__>          \/           \/ v21.4.3
                An Obfuscation-Neglect Android Malware Scoring System
Usage: quark [OPTIONS]

  Quark is an Obfuscation-Neglect Android Malware Scoring System

  -s, --summary                   Show summary report
  -d, --detail                    Show detail report
  -o, --output FILE               Output report in JSON
  -a, --apk FILE                  APK file  [required]
  -r, --rule PATH                 Rules directory  [default: /root/.quark-
  -g, --graph                     Create call graph to call_graph_image
  -c, --classification            Show rules classification
  -t, --threshold [100|80|60|40|20]
                                  Set the confidence threshold
  -i, --list [all|native|custom]  List classes, methods and descriptors
  -p, --permission                List Android permissions
  --help                          Show this message and exit.

Updated on: 2022-Aug-05