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bgrep – Binary grep

[email protected]:~# bgrep
bgrep version: 0.2
usage: bgrep <hex> [<path> [...]]

udp_server – UDP server for Cymothoa

[email protected]:~# udp_server
usage: udp_server port

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Cymothoa is a stealth backdooring tool, that inject backdoor’s shellcode into an existing process. The tool uses the ptrace library (available on nearly all * nix), to manipulate processes and infect them.

Installed size: 86 KB
How to install: sudo apt install cymothoa

  • libc6

[email protected]:~# cymothoa -h
                          _  | |                
  ____ _   _ ____   ___ _| |_| |__   ___  _____ 
 / ___) | | |    \ / _ (_   _)  _ \ / _ \(____ |
( (___| |_| | | | | |_| || |_| | | | |_| / ___ |
 \____)\__  |_|_|_|\___/  \__)_| |_|\___/\_____|
Ver.1 (beta) - Runtime shellcode injection, for stealthy backdoors...

By codwizard ([email protected]) and crossbower ([email protected])
from ES-Malaria by ElectronicSouls (

	cymothoa -p <pid> -s <shellcode_number> [options]

Main options:
	-p	process pid
	-s	shellcode number
	-l	memory region name for shellcode injection (default /lib/ld)
	  	search for "r-xp" permissions, see /proc/pid/maps...
	-m	memory region name for persistent memory (default /lib/ld)
	  	search for "rw-p" permissions, see /proc/pid/maps...
	-h	print this help screen
	-S	list available shellcodes

Injection options (overwrite payload flags):
	-f	fork parent process
	-F	don't fork parent process
	-b	create payload thread (probably you need also -F)
	-B	don't create payload thread
	-w	pass persistent memory address
	-W	don't pass persistent memory address
	-a	use alarm scheduler
	-A	don't use alarm scheduler
	-t	use setitimer scheduler
	-T	don't use setitimer scheduler

Payload arguments:
	-j	set timer (seconds)
	-k	set timer (microseconds)
	-x	set the IP
	-y	set the port number
	-r	set the port number 2
	-z	set the username (4 bytes)
	-o	set the password (8 bytes)
	-c	set the script code (ex: "#!/bin/sh\nls; exit 0")
	  	escape codes will not be interpreted...


Updated on: 2022-Aug-05