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Android devices use a special partition format to boot any operating system on the devices. These boot-images contain a kernel image, a ramdisk, optionally a 2nd stage boot loader and the commandline passed to the kernel when booting. The original mkbootimg from Android can only create these images where abootimg can also extract and modify them. Handling android boot images is necessary when bringing other operating systems to android devices.

Installed size: 44 KB
How to install: sudo apt install abootimg

  • libblkid1
  • libc6

Manipulate Android Boot Images.

[email protected]:~# abootimg --help
error - bad arguments

 abootimg - manipulate Android Boot Images.
 (c) 2010-2011 Gilles Grandou <[email protected]>

 abootimg [-h]

      print usage

 abootimg -i <bootimg>

      print boot image information

 abootimg -x <bootimg> [<bootimg.cfg> [<kernel> [<ramdisk> [<secondstage>]]]]

      extract objects from boot image:
      - config file (default name bootimg.cfg)
      - kernel image (default name zImage)
      - ramdisk image (default name initrd.img)
      - second stage image (default name stage2.img)

 abootimg -u <bootimg> [-c "param=value"] [-f <bootimg.cfg>] [-k <kernel>] [-r <ramdisk>] [-s <secondstage>]

      update a current boot image with objects given in command line
      - header informations given in arguments (several can be provided)
      - header informations given in config file
      - kernel image
      - ramdisk image
      - second stage image

      bootimg has to be valid Android Boot Image, or the update will abort.

 abootimg --create <bootimg> [-c "param=value"] [-f <bootimg.cfg>] -k <kernel> -r <ramdisk> [-s <secondstage>]

      create a new image from scratch.
      if the boot image file is a block device, sanity check will be performed to avoid overwriting a existing

      argurments are the same than for -u.
      kernel and ramdisk are mandatory.

[email protected]:~# abootimg-pack-initrd -h
ramdisk does not exist.

[email protected]:~# abootimg-unpack-initrd -h
-h does not exist.

Updated on: 2022-Nov-23