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Mini ISO Install

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This image is dated. We would now recommend using Kali Linux “NetInstaller” images instead.

The reasoning behind favouring NetInstaller is, when the Kali Linux kernel gets updated, it breaks the mini ISO image. This means you will have to re-download the mini image again.

The NetInstaller image has as it has the kernel pre-loaded, meaning the image does not break but is a larger size.

The Kali Linux “Mini ISO” is a convenient way to install a Kali Linux system which is always up-to-date after the setup is over. The mini install ISO will download all required packages from our repositories every time you install Kali Linux. This means you will always get the latest version of each package straight after installing. However, you will need to have a fast Internet connection to use this installation method.

Installation Prerequisites

This guide will make the following assumptions:

Kali Linux Installation Procedure

The installation procedure is the same as our Kali Linux Hard Disk install guide.

Post Installation

Now that you’ve completed installing Kali Linux, it’s time to customize your system.

The General Use section has more information and you can also find tips on how to get the most out of Kali Linux in our User Forums.

Updated on: 2022-Dec-21
Author: gamb1t